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The Pink Granny Square Monster…

Do you have a project that sits in an unmarked bag, staring at you from the other side of the room? You complete a few rounds here and there, perhaps a granny square now and again – but it never seems to get finished?

You do?

Well you’ve got a UFO.

In the world of crochet, a UFO – or an unfinished object – is like that annoying little stone in your shoe that never seems to drop out. You started it with love, and you dream about it often, but you Just. Can’t. Get. On. With. It.

Here’s a beautiful stack of pink and white granny squares that I started about two years ago.

photo(6)The pile is considerably bigger now – I only need about thirty-five more squares until I can put it all together. I even started crocheting some together a few months back, to try and jump start the creative process. But it didn’t work. And now a rather awkward L-shape of squares sits in a fabric bag, untouched for weeks.

This was one of the first big projects I ever started, designed to be a throw for the bed (ironically, I just posted about another granny square throw I want to start for the bed. Maybe I should take the hint and finish this first?). I was so young (in terms of crochet experience). I didn’t even check my balls of wool were from the same lot, so there are some tell-tale variances in colour throughout the squares. I’m hoping this will add to the charm of the blanket once it is finished. I’ll be edging the blanket with a deep raspberry colour to try and make it pop a bit more, perhaps in a shell stitch or a frilly treble row. Either way, I can see this blanket living at the edge of the bed, perhaps folded up and hanging over the bedframe for chilly mornings. Perhaps I’ll crochet some of those lovely May Roses from Attic24 and attach them at random on the blanket. Perhaps I won’t even finish it. I’ll keep you posted.