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My next project…

I am slowly nearing the end of a crocheted blanket for a dear friend who I have worked with for the last couple of years. She gave birth to her bouncing baby boy a month early, just a few days ago, so I really need to step up my hook-time and get this done for her! Here it is – a photo from a few weeks ago – but this shows the pattern off well

 photo E249A50F-2B51-4CD4-BB1E-4B0BD96D8844-2469-00000040C5A30048_zps3017ded3.jpg

I’ve been using Hayfield Baby Bonus DK to create the blanket, alternating rows of white shell stitch with blue, mint, pink and lemon. When I started the blanket, we didn’t know the sex of the baby, so I’m hoping the pink will be OK! I am planning to edge it in a row of white double crochet, followed by a row (or two) or double crochet in blue, just to give it more a boy-ish feel.

Anyway, I digress. The reason I’m harping on about this lovely shell stitch blanket is because once I finish it – and only when I finish it – will I allow myself to order yarn and start on a new project. A project that has been on my list for months. The Springtime Throw by Nicki Trench – a pattern that features in Nicki’s book Cute and Easy Crochet. It is probably one of my

Springtime Throw, courtesy of laughinghens.com

favourite crocheted throws, ever. I love the little granny squares, don’t they look like little sweets? Or perhaps stained glass windows?

Nicki uses the most delicious wool to crochet this – Rooster Almerino DK – in a very fresh, colourful palette that is this blanket’s namesake.

As much as I love this blanket, I just can’t justify the cost of Rooster wool. It’s totally out of my price range. So I have decided to use the pattern, but adapt the colours, to suit my bedroom.

With roses on the bed cover, a rose garland on the bed frame, and white wooden furniture, my bedroom is quite girly (the other half puts up with it VERY well). So I want the blanket to echo the pink palette of my bedroom, whilst still being quite contemporary and not too girly or parma-violet.

I’ve decided to use Stylecraft Special DK yarn – a ridiculously cheap (£1.59 per 100g at www.woolwarehouse.co.uk) but soft yarn with an extensive colour range. I copied and pasted the blocks of colour from the description page on the website and used them to create a slapdash tester (on MS Paint, no less) of a proposed colour scheme. It took me ages. It started out too girly, way too much sugary pink, and then it descended into crazy blues and reds – which does not suit my room. In the end, I finished on this:


Granted it isn’t the tidiest of tester charts, but it gave me the opportunity to play with colour. I’ve never been very good at colour choice – and have only just discovered the absolute joy that is the colour wheel (will post about it soon). So I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about putting colours together, and I think I’ve got the balance right with this combination. The colours are as follows: raspberry, grape, pale rose, bottle, meadow and carmel. The background colour, that makes up the middle section around the central diamond of colour – will be crocheted in the same yarn, in the colour ‘parchment.’ I used my knowledge of the colour wheel to select the colour carmel – being almost yellowish or caramel in colour, it sits opposite the pinky side of the colour wheel, so I think it brings out the pinky tones nicely in the tester. The green will keep it fresh, whilst mirroring the little splash of leaves and foliage that’s scattered over my bedding and in the rose garland. I’m really excited to order the yarn, but must finish the baby blanket first. Here’s some more photos of the lovely Springtime Throw from various blogs. Click on the image and it will take you to the source.