Crochet tutorials

Over the next few weeks I will be posting photo tutorials to help you get started with the basic skills needed to learn to crochet. As the tutorials are posted, I’ll provide a link next to the title below.

A note on UK and US crochet

This blog uses UK crochet throughout. In the US, crochet stitches are the same, they just have different names. Click here for a conversion table to see what I mean. This won’t matter too much for now, but when you are crocheting projects in the future, make sure that you are working from the correct side of the Atlantic for your pattern!

Holding hook and yarn and making a slipknot – CLICK HERE

  • here you can learn the different ways to hold your hook and yarn to produce the right tension, and why I chose to ignore them and use my own way! You’ll also find out how to make a slipknot, the knot that attaches your yarn to your hook and is the way to start all pieces of crochet.

The basics behind crochet stitches – CLICK HERE

  • Learn what connects all types of crochet stitches – height

Making a foundation chain and the importance of the ‘turning chain’

  • the foundation chain is a line of connected stitches that forms the foundation to which your crochet grows from. Learn how to crochet your foundation chain, and how we move from the foundation chain to the first row of stitches, using the ‘turning chain.’

Double crochet

  • The first type of crochet stitch you’ll learn is the double crochet. A quick and easy crochet stitch that produces a solid design. This stitch is often used to make toys, tea cosies and small motifs like flowers and leaves.

Your test square

  • Using all the tutorials so far, you’ll crochet a small square of fabric. Whilst it might seem boring, this is a really important step so don’t miss it out. You can use this test square to make sure you have the correct tension in your crochet.

Half treble crochet

  • A useful stitch with a good height

Treble crochet

  • One of the most widely used tall stitches – very often used to make granny squares and blankets.

Understanding working in rows and working in the round

  • Understanding the fundamental differences between the two ways of crocheting

Granny square project

  • Here’s where the fun begins. Once you have mastered the treble crochet, we can put this into practice and start to create lovely little granny squares by working in the round. This may take a bit of practice, but carefully follow the photos and you will be feeling confident in no time. We will also use this project to introduce the slip stitch.

Double and triple treble crochet

  • Tall stitches, not as widely used as the treble, but just as important.

Changing yarns (colour change or adding a new ball of yarn)

  • Learn two techniques used to change colour in patterns or to add in a new ball of yarn when one runs out.

Two-colour granny square

  • Using the treble, the granny square project and the changing colour tutorial, we will practice making a granny square with different colours.

Joining together crochet

  • In this tutorial, we will learn how to join together two pieces of crochet.

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