Finished – Crochet Shell Baby Blanket

 photo F985B773-00D3-40F9-87D6-B50A1E67BFDA-26811-000002E856FED225_zps9b3ff4c0.jpg

A while ago I posted about a blanket I was rushing to finish to send to a friend who had her baby earlier than planned. Finally, after crocheting my fingers off for a week, I finished it.

I thoroughly enjoyed crocheting this blanket. The pattern wasn’t too repetitive as it had lots of colour changes and the recurring shells throughout add texture and interest. The border was a tricky one to decide on – I wanted something that would add to the overall delicate look of the blanket, without being too fiddly. I decided on a shell border with decorative gaps, to mimic the shell pattern whilst adding enough interest to frame the blanket. To keep it light and fresh I decided to border it in white, instead of blue – I think this works well.

This hardest part of the project, as any crocheter will know, is the dreading darning in of the  photo BD3740E4-2FE0-4085-9867-5A2475144F6D-26811-000002E863374C38_zps6ea8c176.jpgends. There are 88 rows in total, and each row had 2 ends to darn in. I managed to finish the darning in process within 3 hours though, and then double crocheted around the edge to give the decorative border something to stick to.

The photo to the right shows the front (right of the border) and back (left of the border) of the blanket, the pattern allows the colour to sit back to the white shells on the front of the blanket, giving it a great texture without allowing the colour to become too bright. Even so, I still think the back of the blanket is pretty; a little more muted.

 photo 2E30563A-19CA-460D-82F8-524A1413237E-26811-000002E85BCBCE2E_zps368ba1ab.jpg

The finished size of the blanket is 30″ x 37″, bringing it out at a fat rectangle, the perfect size for wrapping up baby. It’s not too far off a suitable size for a cot blanket too, so hopefully my friend will get a lot of use out of it.



I will be listing this blanket as a made-to-order item soon, so if you would like one, sign up to

 photo FD8D8BC7-018A-4CC1-892A-7F1BA5EE7F5E-38669-0000042C2BFAFCD9_zpsa9ce8a05.jpg

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Happy crafting 🙂


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